IIQ Systems is an organisation focused on “Facilitating Business Excellence.” It strives to ensure that business processes are the best they can be.

Established in the Silicon Capital of India Bangalore fifteen years ago, IIQ is able to draw upon a wealth of experience to a sophisticated and growing customer needs.

As business become more complex, dynamic, and globally competitive. Excelling in a dynamic business environment requires more understanding, knowledge, preparation, and agreement than one person's expertise and experience provides. IIQ’s value proposition as an organisation is a description of this changing scenario of customers needs. This structure is created through best practices and benchmarks.

Our Business Process Consulting practice helps clients achieve business excellence. Our subject matter experts benchmark client processes against the best in the industry and provide solutions based on the business needs of the company. The Business Process Improvement practice is a consortium of business analysts and quality practitioners, who bring in their process improvement experience.

To execute the projects, IIQ follows a comprehensive methodology that has four phases, namely, Gap Analysis, System Design, Training and Implementation reviews. Each phase has elements of Consulting, Project Management and reviews as applicable in the particular phase of a project.


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